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Praise for our ‘As our sweet Cord with Discords mixed be’ :

‘Think of a solitary organist producing sounds of the sweetest, mellowest delicacy and you’ll get the measure of this beautiful recording.’

Will Yeoman, Limelight: Australia’s Classical Music Magazine, December 2015

IMG_7954_2‘It is a set of ten Bassano recorders made by Adriano Breukink which Consortium5 use to good effect in this recording. A whole CD of recorder music can leave one longing for a change of instrument but here the use of 4- and 8-foot pitch and the consort’s perfectly matched but varied articulation mean that the sound never becomes dull. The warm, mellow quality of the bigger instruments is particularly pleasing. The fact that 13 tracks are fantasias based on In Nomine might also lead to expectations of dullness but it’s surprising how great a variety of music can be based on this cantus firmus.’

Victoria Helby, Early Music Review, September 2015

‘I am impressed by the way this repertoire is played. The members of the ensemble produce a beautiful tone which is not only due to their excellent playing but also the fact that the instruments are from the same builder. This results in an optimum blending of the recorders which is essential in this repertoire. The lively pieces are given sparkling performances but there is also an almost organ-like solemnity in the more introverted items.
Consortium5 is definitely an ensemble to keep an eye on.’

Johan Van Veen, MusicWeb International, November 2015

More praise for our performances:

Consortium 5’s unique ensemble included blends of haunting sounds and traditional music from the past, performing on the ‘Bassano’ consort recorders made by Adriana Breukink. In my opinion, Consortium5 are one of those rare ensembles in the classical contemporary scene, as they dedicate our musical heritage of composers with upcoming artists who have a compelling voice.

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This talented female ensemble, who met when students together at the Royal Academy of Music, played with superb and consistent musicality, illustrating perfectly the versatility of the varied instruments in their collection, and of their own playing as they swapped instruments, playing position and leadership of the group.



Consortium5’s performances on Tangled Pipes provide a listening experience than can satisfy any listener from dedicated supporters of modernism to lovers of house music and other electronic genres. Tangled Pipes impressively bridges vastly diverse musical worlds – early music, modernism and electronica, among others – without breaking a sweat… Tangled Pipes compellingly suggests a new frontier for chamber ensembles and the world and art music CDs.

Garrett Schumann, 21st December 2010.

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