New Album Release: ‘As our sweet Cords with Discords mixed be’

September 12th, 2014  |  Published in FEATURE, HIGHLIGHTS, PROJECTS

C5 Sweet Cords Cover WebWe are delighted to announce the release of our second album, and our first to feature music of the English Renaissance, the heyday for the recorder consort and for the five part consort in particular. This stunning music remains exceptional today for the complexity of the composition, the emotional intensity of the writing and the subtlety and colour of the musical language.

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This music has an important place in the history of the development of English instrumental music. The In Nomine and the fantasia played a fundamental part in the development of later instrumental styles, beginning the move away from purely vocal or vocally inspired music that was predominant up until the mid-16th century in Britain. Although much of this music has been recorded on viols, this broad range of repertoire is very rarely heard on recorders, with some of the pieces having never been recorded before. We know that the recorder was an extremely popular instrument during the 16th and early 17th centuries in Britain, and the range of these works is perfect for recorder consort. We feel it is extremely important that this music is heard by a wider audience with a fresh voice.

Since our first forays into consort music, the music from the period that lasted approximately the length of the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st has captivated and inspired us. The pieces that we have chosen to record are all pieces that have become part of our story, performed many times in different situations, for different people and for different events. It was our great privilege to play this music in churches, in concert halls, in classical club nights, on the radio, for festivals and in various hospitals. It has been our pleasure to see the joy that this music has brought people in all these places. This music is as meaningful and relevant to our lives today as it ever has been.

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Trio aXolot, Antonia Barker, Alison Bartolo, Veronica Benjamin, Alan Bloom, Marina Savova Boos, Kim Buckley, Ian Charnock, Elly Clark, Mary Corrigan, Peter Crispin, Jerry Elsmore, Ka Him Michael Fong, Chris Gibbs, Jim Grant, Elizabeth Hanson, James Mostly Harmless, Ellis Hillinger, Kathy Humphry, Chris Joseph, M Keniston, Carole Lee, Lizzie Lenagan, Ji-Hyang Lee and Mark McIvor, John Robert Mead, Roxanna Panufnik, Richard and Geraldine Pinch, Will Russell, Gayle Smith, Mark Summerbell, Eleanor Ward, Simon West, S Wildgoose

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