November 1st, 2013  |  Published in FEATURE, INSTRUMENTS

IMG_7954_2Consortium5 play on a huge array of recorders that include several sets of instruments covering different periods and styles.

The ten piece Renaissance consort set is made by Dutch recorder maker Adriana Breukink. It ranges from a descant to the six foot tall subbass, with different trebles, tenors and bass instruments in between.  This allows us to always choose high or low groups of instruments to suit the character of the music we play. Composers who write for us have also become increasingly interested in the beautiful sound these recorders produce.

Our collection of Baroque, Early Baroque and Renaissance Ganassi recorders is vast, and we have never pinned down the exact number of instruments that we own and play on. It ranges from the tiny Garklein to the fantastic Paetzold c-bass and includes copies of early models, as well as newly developed ones. Makers include Ernst Meyer, Andreas Schwob, Monika Musch, Ralf Ehlert, Stephan Blezinger, von Huene, Paetzold, Shigeharu Hirao, Martin Wenner, Michael Grinter, Joachim Rohmer, Küng, Takeyama, Yamaha and Moeck.

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